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Facebook Launches RTB Exchange

June 14, 2012

Excerpt from AdExchanger publisehd on 7/13/12.

Facebook has signed deals with a number of demand side platforms to enable real-time bidding on its ad inventory.

In an offering called Facebook Exchange, the company plans to let advertisers deliver impression-level targeting to Facebook users who they have previously cookied elsewhere on the web. It’s the first time audience buying has been possible on the platform.

The DSP deals, confirmed to us by Facebook, come with limitations that make it quite different from a typical website DSP practice. For one, ad formats will be limited to Facebook’s native ad types, in particular Marketplace ads, and mobile inventory will not be accessible – at least not initially.

And DSPs and clients will only be able to use information they have in-house or through data partners. None of Facebook’s contextual or affinity-based targeting options are available. For instance, a travel website can retarget a user who abandoned a travel search for Hawaii through a DSP partner but can’t target people on Facebook who like “Hawaii.”

Read the article on AdExchanger.

~Zorilla City


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