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Eye On Networks: Specific Media & MySpace

September 13, 2012

It’s time to delve into the world of advertising networks. Specifically (no pun intended), Specific Media. As you might recall, SM acquired MySpace from News Corp back in June 2011 for for $35MM.

So what do the potentially thousands of digital ad networks do? Good question. Here’s a summary from SM’s LinkedIn page:

Specific Media is a next generation media platform company that enables brands to seamlessly connect with consumers no matter where they are. Working across formats and screens, Specific Media makes addressable advertising a reality. Specific Media’s suite of products inspire brands to think differently about their marketing initiatives – combining formats such as video and display and incorporating creative original programming to drive deep engagement and loyalty. As consumers discover new ways to consume content in the digital era, Specific Media will make sure your brand reaches them in the ways they desire. Get – and stay – connected at Specific Media.

So what does that mean exactly? Well, in the words of Tim Vanderhook, CEO of Specific Media (and MySpace), the company has worked to differentiate itself by heavily invested in display and video (via MySpace) on a single platform.

Simply put, Specific Media helps advertisers reach potential customers through heavily targeted video and display advertising.

Next up:’s ad network.

~ Zorilla City

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