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Winkelvoss Twins Buy $18M Hollywood Mansion

September 24, 2012

The Winkelvoss’ have gone Hollywood! And that’s why Zorilla City has stooped to the lowest levels humanly possible…that’s right, we’re posting a hilarious clip from TMZ to commemorate the event!

The story here is that the Winkelvoss twins (you, know the jocks from the movie The Social Network that had their idea for facebook cruelly stolen by the evil Mark Zuckerberg) just bought an 8,000 square foot  mansion in the Hollywood Hills for $18M.

They recently won a $65M lawsuit against Facebook and have already blown nearly a third of the proceeds on their new spread.

What’s next? Lindsey Lohan crashing through the gates in her Porshe? Parties with the cast of Glee? One things for sure, I’m sure you’ll see “The Twins” trolling for chicks at the Coffee Bean on Sunset before you know it. O-M-G!

~ Zorilla City


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