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Company Spotlight: MediaTrust

December 13, 2012

mediatrustCompany Spotlight: This week we’re taking a closer look at MediaTrust.

From Crunchbase:
MediaTrust makes online direct response advertising effective & efficient for advertisers, agencies, affiliate marketers and publishers by connecting quality clicks to conversions with the innovative Performance Exchange real-time cpc bid exchange for performance marketing.


  • Expand your reach… beyond search to high quality email & content
  • Target your audience… where, when & how you want
  • Connect clicks to performance… winning bids deliver quality consumers
  • Analyze & optimize… campaigns & bids for optimal conversion ROI


  • Monetize your traffic… xml, text link, search, display to email & content channels
  • Deliver relevant ads… variety of targeted & unique campaigns
  • High consistent CPC payouts… have confidence that your quality clicks always hold value & maximize inventory yield
  • Tools & Analytics… optimize your traffic quality ROI

The company was recently named the 9th fastest growing US company in 2009 & 2010 by Inc. 500 & #1 Performance Marketing Network by Revenue Performance Magazine

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