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Yahoo Takes Another Page From Google’s Playbook

December 13, 2012

yahFrom Venture Beat

New Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro is apparently planning a major shift in the way the company sells its advertising, according to a new report by AllThingsD.

Castro reportedly informed employees that the sales department will be moving from a regional model to a “category” model, which is similar to what Google is currently using.

The move, which is supported by new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, means that advertising staffers will now sell clients on running ad spots that are based on a category (parenting, technology, automobiles, etc.) instead of selling by a particular region or location. This seems like a perfect fit for Yahoo, which has a ton of its own very popular news hubs for a variety of categories.

This wouldn’t be the first time Yahoo has decided to move in the direction of Google. Mayer, a former Googler herself, instituted free employee meals, mandatory Friday meetings, new office/desk layouts, and more.

We’re reaching out to Yahoo for more information about the possible advertising sales shift, and will update the post with any new information.

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