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Company Spotlight: Netseer

January 3, 2013

thI was checking out Netseer today. It’s a pretty interesting company with an impressive management team. CEO John Mracek has had long career in tech spanning from AdKnowledge, Adobe, Apple and Yahoo.

According to CrunchBase, “NetSeer has created concept-based advertising, a breakthrough product that matches search queries and Web page content to relevant ads, without relying on keywords alone; this allows placement of richer, more relevant, and more profitable ads for both high value keywords and those keywords with little or no value today.”

Netseer’s technology can give publishers a lift in monetization and make media buys much more effective when it comes to lead generation, clicks, or online engagement.

The company received funding from Mission Ventures and OnSet Ventures.

There’s not a lot in the news recently about Netseer but I did see that Kevin Downey, a former BD, just joined AdMant, another company in the contextual ad tech space that “offers a semantic, cookie-less solution to allow publishers, ad networks and exchanges, brand managers and agencies to develop more effective online advertising campaigns.”

~ Zorilla City

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